Most men and women consider their hair to be very important to how they are perceived, and spend time looking after their hair. The industry providing products for this has seen a large increase in the number of products designed to help people look after their hair. Although there is a general impression that it […]

Carl Icahn, the hostile takeover master who was THE original corporate raider, is frequently adduced as stating, “In this business, if you want a friend, get a pet dog!” All of us already knew that a dog is a man’s best friend, and with the best understanding. Dogs as pets go back at least as […]

When we set a goal, we also set a time to achieve the goal. There can be different types of goals, namely, daily, monthly, yearly and lifetime goals. Many people only set a lifetime goal. They simply do not know that to achieve the lifetime goal, it is essential to succeed in the daily, monthly […]