Goal Setting Related to Time

Goal Setting Related to Time

When we set a goal, we also set a time to achieve the goal. There can be different types of goals, namely, daily, monthly, yearly and lifetime goals. Many people only set a lifetime goal. They simply do not know that to achieve the lifetime goal, it is essential to succeed in the daily, monthly or yearly goals. These small goals pave the way to a lifetime success. Let us look at some goal setting examples.

Achievement is the final and the largest goal of life, the goal that you generally set as a long-term goal. When you achieve something in life, it means that you have finally reached the target that you set in your life. Achievement of something brings a sense of satisfaction within you and derives the pleasure from all the hard work given to achieve this success. In other words, it is the fulfillment of the lifetime goal.

Limiting Goals

Limiting goals are something that limits you to a thing. For example, if you want to cut down your intake of alcohol, then you limit yourself to one peg daily and ultimately leave drinking. This is how limiting goals work where you limit yourself to a certain thing.

Rate goal is another type of goal a work done depends on time. For instance, writing one article per day and then increasing it to two, three, four and more with time maintaining consistency in writing. This is such a goal that you set and increase with over time.

Action goals are yet another type of goal that you can set to undertake a task. Generally, an action goal is a part of achievement goal and paves the way to achievement goal.

Realize The Potential Within You

Finally, the main point to keep in mind is that whatever be your goal, it is important for you to realize the potential within you. You can dream to reach the sun or set it as a goal, but this is not possible in reality. Therefore, only dream of the goal that is possible to attain. Then, break down your achievement goal into small action goals to shoot the star.

Among all the goals stated here, achievement goal is the most common and most understood by people. However, people know of the other goals too, but not by their names. Here after reading this, they can know the names of these goals and fix their eyes on the goals specifically. The final words say set a goal to lead a happier and confusion-free life.

Are Dreams, Wishes and Goals the Same?

This is a question that you may have asked many times, but have not yet received a satisfying answer. Well, wishes, dreams and goals are not at all the same. They may have near meanings, but there is a difference between the three of them.

Often you have heard someone wishing something. Wishes are those often asked by a person. There can be thousands wishes of a person. It is something that one desires to have, but does not have it yet. There can be an endless list of wishes in a person’s life. It can be from buying a designer dress to almost anything.

Dreams Are Your Visions

On the other hand, dream is something that a person visualizes someday. It is more like a goal that you visualize. Dreams give a person the motivation to stand up and move forward in life. Without dreams, a person’s life would have found no meaning or taste.

A goal is a target that a person sets in life. In other words, you can also call it an achievement. However, all these three closely relates to each other. They are convertible. Only if a person wishes something, then he dreams of that thing; and only if he dreams of that thing, he gets the motivation to set it as a goal. Thus, you see that there is no existence of one without the other. All three complement each other.

Wish A Colorful Life

Wish makes a life colorful. Dream makes a life motivated. Goal makes a life purposeful. This is why these three things – wish, dream and goal are very important part of life. They help a human being to live happily. These three things helps a man to be optimistic and learn about the daily hectic of life.

For instance, many people wish that they had a car, but unfortunately, they do not have the capacity to buy a lavish car. The next step for them is to dream and visualize that they have a car. This will help them to get the motivation to buy a car. Then, they will take the necessary steps to buy the car. Although it may not be possible at once, but they have to set, some other goals that will help them make money and finally achieve their goal of buying a car. Thus, everything relates to one another.

Achieve Your Goal

In order to achieve the goal, you have to set our eyes on it just as an animal before catching its prey fixes their eyes on the prey. However, keep in mind that you must not forget the principles of your life while you set to achieve the goals. Most people often forget their principles of life and resort to dubious means in order to achieve the target. Keep away from them. If you feel that, the goals is not achievable for you, then leave it for the moment and make some other goal in your life that you find achievable for the moment.

Thus, wishes, dreams and goals are needed to live a colorful life.

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