How to Get Beautiful Natural Hair

How to Get Beautiful Natural Hair

Most men and women consider their hair to be very important to how they are perceived, and spend time looking after their hair. The industry providing products for this has seen a large increase in the number of products designed to help people look after their hair. Although there is a general impression that it is mainly women that spend time and money on their hair, research has shown that men as well as women take an interest in how to care for their hair. This demand for getting beautiful natural hair has created an industry of its own. It has become a niche to reckon with.

With a large range of products available to suit every type of hair, there is a product to suit almost every consumer. However, even products that can be found in the everyday kitchen can be used for a more organic approach to hair care. Here are details of a few of products that can help provide the best hair, listed according to hair type.


Greasy Hair

People who have greasy hair have to consider using products specifically designed for hair care, with the use of a lemon grass or mint shampoo being used thrice a week being particularly beneficial. More frequent use will prevent the hair from returning to its usual Ph balance, and can cause problems and deterioration of the hair. A solution made from lemon juice can be applied after washing which will work against the excessive production of sebum with the astringent properties of lemon juice.

Dry Hair

If you suffer with dry hair, it is important to ensure your hair is hydrated, and a conditioner designed to provide moisture for dry hair is essential every time your hair is washed. A simple way to add moisture to your hair is to apply hot water to a towel, until it is wet, but not dripping, and then placing it on your head. It’s like a sauna just for your hair instead of the body.


Those who have problems with dandruff would be well advised to use a lotion combining mint leaves and vinegar. Not only does this help prevent dandruff from becoming a problem, but will also leave your hair looking both sleek and shiny. The examples mentioned here are just a few of the problems and solutions that can occur with your hair, but a little bit of research can help you find even more useful tips for your hair.

CTFO is one company that assimilates CBD and Rogaine in their hair treatment product. We all know that rogaine is best know to maintain hair growth as well as prevent baldness. Research has found out that combining these two components – CBD and Rogaine – resulted in a very potent hair maintenance product. Click the banner below to find out.

CTFO Total Hair Solution
CTFO Total Hair Solution

In hindsight, one ingredient that is overlooked at times is biotin. Biotin helps in the nourishment of thinning hair. Many of my friends, especially the older ones (50 to 60’s) takes biotin to improve their hair conditions.

You can also find some hair solutions here.

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