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Every time I hear Freddie Mercury’s song, “Who Wants To Live Forever“, my mind ponders if this Queen’s song addresses immortality or mortality.  

Hum with me for a moment. Linger and sing out, even silently the second stanza: 

Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever . . .?
Oh ooo oh
There’s no chance for us
It’s all decided for us
This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us.

Do you really want to live forever?

We humans are mortals. We are destined to die someday. That “one sweet moment” is Death, “set aside for [all of] us”. Who wants to live forever? I guess nobody. Nobody can. Maybe, everyone wants to live longer. Which brings the question – what is long life? 

The song is beautifully written by Dr. Brian May, Queen’s lead guitarist and composer. I can only surmise the song has some inference to Freddie Mercury. Whatever that is – is beyond me; in fact beyond us and the rest of the world. Freddie Mercury is loved by many people. Queen’s songs touched the lives of many people. When he died in November 24, 1991, the music world lost an icon. Dying at 45 years old is too young. Too young especially when he could have done more to the music industry had he lived longer, much longer. “Forever”, if I may say.   

Death is inevitable 

Death comes to everybody but at different age levels and in many different ways. Why do some die as infants? Some die as teens. Some at middle-age level. Some live through old age. Is there any ideal age level to die? My friend who is 75 told me he is ready to go. When you go beyond the seventy mark, every year after that is bonus years, he added. After 70, he is ready to die. 

We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” Chuck Palahniuk 

Is living longer is in a sense living forever? Can you agree with that? Can one entreat for a goal to live forever or something that leads to living longer instead of forever? Even if we are aware that we can’t live forever, living longer is in a sense living forever. Someone told me that when you reach the age of 60, the years come by so fast that you don’t notice it. That Christmas and birthdays come unnoticed and its not even funny. I remember posting the Beatle’s song “When I’m Sixty-four” on my facebook wall when I turned 64. Just for the fun of it, that post remained in my facebook account for 8 years; but I thought it was only yesterday.  

Living longer is living forever? 

I heard of stories of really old people who lived close to a hundred if not more than one hundred. My mother lived up to 93 years old. She never got sick of the “normal diseases” such as diabetes, high blood or kidney problems. None of these diseases that require long term medical maintenance. She had a hip replacement at age 90. After that surgery, her health did not get any better. Those were the years when she would talk of death as a reality; as something that is inevitable. When she reached 92, she would mention a common joke that maybe God has already forgotten her. That she is still alive. Or that St. Peter is still waiting for a vacancy reserved for her in God’s Kingdom. And looking back while in a hospital bed recuperating from the hip surgery, she was so weak that many of my siblings thought she would not make it through. My sister even asked her who she is still waiting for referring to her continuance to live; hoping that she would give up life at that point. Everybody thought she was waiting for someone who she had not seen for years to visit her before giving her last breath. No one expected her answer to be when she assuredly said: “I am waiting on God to take me”. 

My mother lived a very simple life. No stress. She ate well; none of those sugary or starch-filled stuffs. Veggies and fish menu are her favorites. And she cooks them too. She does not exercise but eats naturally processed cocoa. No vitamins or supplements in her purse. Living up to 93 is a pretty good life span. She lived a full life. My mom’s story is not isolated. There are numerous cases similar to hers. There are others who lived even longer than 90 and 100 years old.  

Forever or longer 

How do you live “forever or longer” then? Is it by divine design or life-style that determines how long one lives? This is a perennial question. There is no simple answer to this complicated answer. If one dies due to a disease or illness despite living healthy, can we say that it was God’s will? What can you say if someone who lives carelessly and yet lives close to a hundred? Lucky? 

This is the mystery of life. A mystery that no one has ever solved. According to Alan Watts, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but an experience to be had.”  

The question that comes to mind is how should your experience be about life. Which boils down to how do you live. It does not matter whether it is long or short; what matters is the quality of your life. And what is this quality of life that we must aspire? 

What is the best approach to living healthy 

On my last visit with my doctor, I asked him about the long-term negative effects of the medicines I am taking. I am taking medications for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and pain to name a few. I was surprised of his answer. He said that there are no negative effects, at least on the medications that I take. There are no known side-effects. The only effect is something good – that it will prolong my life. He admitted though that some medications have had some serious side-effects on some people. We heard of news where someone got rewarded for damages or even death due to long tern use of certain medications, especially when complaints came up. The best approach is eating and well. Eat less fat, sugar and rich carbohydrate products. Then exercise. 

There are many leafy vegetables out there that are good for our body. Had you started this regimen from day one, you should be in good shape. But who does just that? If there is, it is very exceptional. The greater majority is that later in their life one feels the devastating effect of indiscreet lifestyle. When we are diagnosed with some disease, that’s the time that we take notice of what we eat. Some don’t heed the tell tale signs. They ignored it until it is almost beyond revival.  

Longevity Spinach 

I came across longevity spinach when my cousin introduced it to me. It is a leafy green flowering plant that was once native to central and western Asia. It is known for its many medicinal qualities and use as a natural treatment for diabetes, high blood pressure and warding off inflammation. What I like about this leaf is that it balances my blood pressure. Sometimes I mix it with my salad bowl. But most of the time I eat it raw. I cut about three leaves; wash them; fold them and chew them. They taste good, at least for me. These are just a few of longevity spinach benefits. 

This plant is easy to grow even in your patio. You can buy this at any hardware store such as Home Depot and even Walmart or Amazon. 

Try it and let me know what good it does to you. 

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