Universal B-day For Shelter Dogs

Carl Icahn, the hostile takeover master who was THE original corporate raider, is frequently adduced as stating, “In this business, if you want a friend, get a pet dog!” All of us already knew that a dog is a man’s best friend, and with the best understanding. Dogs as pets go back at least as far as the days of Pompeii. The remains of a pet dog  recovered from the rubble at Pompeii stretched out next to a little kid – so close to each other indicating some kind of intimacy.

All of us know that dogs are cute, warm, and cuddly, requiring little more than food, shelter, affection and water to return undeviating allegiance. Dogs have earned their rightful location as a relative. In truth, what household picture is complete without the household canine?

Pets made their place of prominence years ago among their deaf and blind owners and in regional, state, federal and global law enforcement. Tip: make certain to rid your coat pockets of dog biscuits the next time you travel, unless you wish to be attacked by a drug and bomb-sniffing dog.

A fast look through the incredible real stories ripped from the headlines listed below demonstrates that pets may never ever fall from their pedestal as male’s buddy! While it’s true that we need to do for dogs what they can refrain from doing for themselves, take a look at the important things that dogs have actually done for us that we could not or did not wish to do for ourselves.

Pets can smell cancer

On September 24, 2004, the Associated Press reported that the first scientific experiment to show what has actually long been presumed– that pet dogs can smell cancer– was successful. A pet’s sense of odor is far superior to that of a human’s: 10,000 to 100,000 times better. The results of the study appeared in the British Medical Journal. The study proved that pet dogs could undoubtedly smell cancer. What remains to be figured out is whether canines can effectively communicate the presence of cancer. What’s most appealing is that pet dogs may well have the ability to detect the existence of cancer prior to state-of-the-art medical screening.

Pets help senior citizens live longer

In 1999, a study reported in the Journal of American Geriatrics concluded what many have known intuitively and anecdotally for a long period of time: elders with pets live longer and fuller lives both physically and mentally. As soon as once again, science shows some good sense. Canines require walking. Active seniors with animals have lower high blood pressure, visit their physicians less regularly, need hospitalization less frequently and when they are hospitalized, the duration is shorter. Assisted living centers and retirement homes adapted standing policies enabling visiting family pets or stay-in pets for their residents. The Delta Pet Partner licenses family pets to check out assisted living home and hospice facilities. If you have an elderly parent, consider providing the gift of life, a buddy pet dog.

Hostage miniature pet dog escapes and avoids captors

In 1992, a teeny tiny 11-year-old Pomeranian was supposedly stolen from its house in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The following January, a father/daughter team in Corpus Christie, Texas, saw a van chasing after the little pet dog. The driver abandoned the van and started chasing after the canine on foot, but might never capture the pet. Lastly, the dog’s captor left the scene, abandoning the pet, an animal perhaps 1/20th the size of its captor. The child chased after the pet, and the pet voluntarily leapt in her arms. Since the canine wore tags, the father/daughter group returned the pet dog to its owners.

What’s next? Courier pet dogs?

Actually, that’s old news! In 2001, it was reported that a then five-year-old golden retriever called J.C. delivered its owners’ prescriptions from the drug store. The pharmacy lay in the exact same shopping center as the owners’ shop in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, and J.C. always accompanied the owners to the drug store. The pet started bring the prescriptions back from these outings. J.C.’s not just any old dog. It was reported that he took guidelines well, and when advised, he heads on to the pharmacy and returned with prescriptions in tow.

Since the beginning of their relationship with people, pet dogs have taken care of their owners, rescuing them from all sorts of perilous situations. Won’t you consider saving a pet dog from the isolation of life without an owner?


August first has been observed as Universal B-day for shelter dogs. Millions of dogs are in shelter around the world. And maybe even more are strayed. These friends deserve to be in a better place than where they are. Dogs nature is to belong to someone, to a family or to an organization. Wherever a dog is destined to, that feeling of friendship is innate in them. Be one of those who would give them a friendly shelter – your own place.

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